New Assessment

With the demise of National Curriculum levels we have taken the decision to assess all students from Year 7 onwards using grades A* - M and for English and mathematics grades 9 - 1, H - M.  These are reported to parents at least three times an academic year along with a Response to Learning level.  All subjects have worked hard to demystify the grading process by constructing 'Can-Do Attainment Ladders' which set out what a students needs to do in order to be assessed as working at a certain grade.


When reporting grades, all subjects will divide each grade in to +, = or - where:

  • + completing all criteria consistently
  • = completing most criteria most of the time
  • - completing some criteria most of the time

'Can-Do Attainment Ladders' for all subjects are available to download below:


Subject Can Do Ladders listed below.  Click on subject heading to access information.


Art - A grade examples

Art - B grade examples

Business Studies (Year 11)

Child Development (Year 11)

Computing (Year 11)

Drama (Year 11)

English and English Literature (Year 11)

Food and Nutrition (Yrs 7-10)

Geography (Yrs 7-10)

Mini Geography assessment examples

Graphics (Year 11)

History (Yrs 7-10)

ICT (Year 11)

Maths Pre-GCSE (Yrs 7-10)

Maths 1-3 grades

Maths 4-5 grades

Maths 6-9 grades

Media (Year 11)

Modern Foreign Languages (Year 11)

Music (Year 11)


PE Badminton (Yrs 7-10)

PE Cricket (Yrs 7-10)

PE Dodgeball (Yrs 7-10)

PE Football (Yrs 7-10)

PE Gymnastics (Yrs 7-10)

PE Hockey (Yrs 7-10)

PE Rounders (Yrs 7-10)

PE Table Tennis (Yrs 7-10)

PE Trampolining (Yrs 7-10)

Photography (Year 11)

Religious Education (Year 11)

Resistant Materials (Year 11)

Science (Yrs 7-10)

Textiles (Year 11)