Gifted and Talented


RHSC places particular emphasis on making sure its most able pupils and students achieve to their full potential.

The school does not in general enter pupils early for GCSE examinations. We know that top universities want students with grades A* or A at GCSE. Inappropriate early entry can therefore, significantly harm a pupil's prospects.

However, where we are confident a pupil will gain an A* we will enter him / her early. For instance, we have a Year 8 pupil who gained an A* grade in GCSE mathematics in 2012.


In order to stretch the most able
  • pupils are set in some subjects at the start of Year 7 and in nearly all subjects by the start of Year 8.
  • pupils that arrive at school with Level 5s are tracked and their performance carefully monitored.
  • lessons are designed to stretch the most able and teacher expectations are high.


In addition, the most able are given numerous other opportunities to develop their skills:

  • writing for the school magazine
  • participating in debates
  • acting as international ambassadors
  • participating in a whole range of opportunities to travel abroad
  • participation in music, cultural and sporting activities


Challenge Area

Designed to enrich, extend and accelerate the learning our our more able pupils.

Below are six challenges designed specifically for Gifted and Talented pupils.  If you are interested in trying one of them, go and see Mlle Teillet who will give you a copy of it for your to complete at home.  Once completed, tasks should be handed in to Mlls Teillet.  The best piece of work for each challenge will receive a certificate and a prize.




Challange 1: Anachronisms Challenge 2: Cross numbers
 Challenge 1  Challenge 2
Challenge 3: J'Habite Challenge 4: The Spider who loves Mozart
 Challenge 3  Challenge 4
Challenge 5: Lateral thinking Challenge 6: Tin can
 Challenge 5  Challenge 6