The SEN Department and Disability Provision

Specialist Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO):  Mrs A Barley

Senior Higher Level Teaching Assistant:  Mr P Atkins

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:  Mrs A Hazelwood 
  Freshstart Instructors:   Miss R Self & 
Ms F Fuller (currently on maternity leave) 


Learning Support Assistants:   Ms L Clarke, Miss C Gowen, Mrs J Rowley, Mrs E Scott,

              Miss G Streeter, Mr A Walling,  





The SEN Department is headed by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) Mrs A Barley, and Senior HLTS Mr P Atkins.  They are supported by a team comprising of Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) and Learning Support Assistants (LSAs).


At RHSC the majority of our LSAs support small groups rather than individual pupils who are encouraged to work with several adults over the course of a day.  This is key in promoting independence and preventing over reliance on one key adult.


Our SEN support is built around a mainstream system, with our goal being to enhance quality first teaching.  Small number of pupils each year will form our ACE group, timetables are altered significantly.  Approximately half of their lessons are taught in small groups by a mixture of subject specialists and HLTAs.  The department’s main classroom is also open to pupils before school, at break and lunchtime, providing a social area for pupils who might benefit from a smaller and more secure social setting than the wider school offers.


Throughout their time at RHSC pupils can benefit from a variety of personalised support measures such as small groups, the Fresh Start program, Mathletics, Code Breakers, Precision teaching and Peer reading.  We will also introduce pupils to technology that will help them to access the curriculum such as C-Scan Reading pens, Clariscan and Google Docs – Voice typing.

Pupil progress is monitored and personalised plans are shared with parents regularly.

The school’s Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) is also the designated teacher for for Child Protection and Looked After Children.

The Learning Support Department does just what its name suggests. It supports the learning of children with special needs. It supports all aspects of the curriculum by monitoring pupils’ progress and giving targeted help where needed. It promotes inclusion by supporting children who have physical disabilities or learning difficulties. 

The department enjoys specialist accommodation on the school’s main corridor Learning base 1 (LB1) and two rooms upstairs Learning base 2 (LB2) and Intervention 1 (IN1).  The rooms are used to deliver highly differentiate lessons to small groups and individuals.  IN1 is the base for FreshStart literacy intervention, and both LB1 and 2 are used for various other forms of provision.  The department has 8 computers, and aims to introduce pupils to technology that will help them to access the curriculum such as C-Scan Reading pens, Claro scan and Voice typing facilities on Google Docs.  There is a small library in LB1.

At Reepham we work hard to get things right from the outset.



In Year 7 extra teaching groups have been created in English and Maths. This allows identified pupils to learn in well supported, small groups. Those pupils in Year 7 who need additional literacy support also benefit from studying the FreshStart programme of intervention.

At Key Stage 3, a small mixed age group of pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 receive approximately two thirds of their lessons in a class that nurtures their particularly high level of need. 

At Key Stage 4, pupils in Years 10 and 11 also benefit from the creation of an additional teaching group in English, Mathematics and Science. 

The LSAs work for the majority of their day in classes, supporting groups of pupils who have been identified as having a specific learning or health needs.  Many of these pupils will have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP).

Disability Provision - disabled access is provided through ramps and lifts.  There are disabled toilets and adjustable sinks and desks in some classrooms.



Mrs Barley

SENCO – May 2017